oracle and spawn

oracle and spawn


swim fishies swim

swim for life, swim for love

upstream, where the river narrows

through the cold and vexing harrows

oracle and spawn, falcon and dove

swim fishies swim fishies swim


sybil and pythia descend from heaven

down the hill when sternly beckoned

not yet schooled in philosophy, philology

no letters acquired in transmutation

to merge, submerge, and re-emerge


As it has and as it will, past pretty pink nails

and pretty pink toes

unabated the river flows

innocence and waterfalls



instinct and spontaneous urges

a last romance, hormonal surges

on gravel beds, in snow melt rivers

muffled by the bubble and the trickle

innocence and innocents

salmon swimming, salmon thrusting

while their weary bodies rusting

be still he says, and they comply

in pleistocene valleys, fall leaves rustling,

there under the high bridge, reluctantly trusting

innocence and innocents and screams


swim fishies swim

swim fishies swim fishies swim

swim and swim and swim and swim and swim

and swim and swim.

emeralds and rubies

Emeralds and rubies


A million, million times to fail and then

to tickle the sleeping dragon’s tail

porcelina of the ocean’s wide, I know

someday you’ll take me with you

wanting though your waning tide and

see me to the other side, but no

I already know this much

no, not tonight


but stay a while longer, why not

linger like a lover who fondly spies

unblinking through her emerald eyes, neither judging nor seeking,

sustaining fission. attentions focus, so circumspect

forging a tungsten tide upon your dull and slumbering

infinite shore, come forward and fall back again

into your sleeping ruby-demon core


can you feel it in your bones, does the

dragon dance and tickle, does the fire

pierce your skin and slip your veil

a million times before to fail

then in an instant become your emerald depths

shot through and dissected by the knowing


porcelina of the ocean’s wide, I know

someday you’ll take me with you

through your waxing tide and

see me to the other side

A million, million times to fail and then

A tickle of the sleeping dragon’s tail

or was it, but for a moment’s slip of the hand

neutrons ignite the air and paint the night-time sky

before everything quietly falls away

almost like it was before

no bud left behind

No bud left behind

– george stein


Maybe the Navigation was doomed from the start

It wasn’t as if there was an absence of signs

But things can always be taken two, three, or more ways

And then come the subtexts and permutations


Memory will inevitably smooth and polish

Things said and unsaid at the last supper

But there was a photo taken by the server

Among the many regrettable things people must do these days to earn a tip.


Now everything they touched and

Everything they fucked up, in their way

Will elicit waves that span the distance, pass

And come back again to spite


Some will surmise it was impetuous

Some will observe that it was avoidable

And most people won’t really care at all

Some of them will be right