moartea finala


moartea finala

des 1

all above, the sky-blue sky,

and underneath, clouds underlie,

grey and mottled, patched and patterned

found words fail, flawed labels flail

then language is discarded


palms down, small hands hover,

burdened by air, buoyed by water

resigned to remain agnostic

gambling on the hinge over the lock

each vessel knowing only what it touches


an un-dented mind directs small, fastidious hands

castaway stones are re-gathered together

pockets sag under manifest density

atoms come to loosely vibrate with their neighbors

before passing through another door


pancake water, here to the vanishing

the horizon embraces fire over ice

air over hovers with rapt indifference

while the current under argues depth

when one portal martyrs to permission the other


moartea finala, another sunset passes



george l stein

my old honda has a bad tranny
and a psychological addiction to painkillers and lube
but whatever he survives seems to make her stronger
and weaker, and he wants to live just a little bit longer
because, they say, anything can happen, and may
and if the heart is truly like a wheel
then she wants more than anything
more than health, more than wealth
more than fresh, high-mileage pennzoil
wants someone to unlock and enter her
wants someone to wrap their fingers firmly
around her supple, stitched leather
turn the key and take her for a spin. it’s true,
sometimes life is barren, other times,
life showers one with fortune
and then sometimes it just rains.
drop the windows, harken the weather
toss the map, pump the stereo
indulge me just this once with premium ethyl, then
let’s just get this over with

just shoot

just shoot

one says let’s start by you standing there, here
in the inviting doorway of an empty coffin
a prop propped on it’s little end from which
to send forth, to launch, like
apollo astronauts or cuban baseball players,
or small-town freaks seeking the anonymity
and long, sodium-vapor shadows
of the new city in glorious night

and she complies.

photographer’s move and circle
round the ingenue du jour
sharks, at the sighting of silver fins twitching
in the cold, blue-green salt-waters
eyes dart, flashes flash, think
blink, then do it all over
break the fourth wall
then start in on the fifth

at the end, yearbook smiles, everyone says their good byes,
trudges down lost counts of bruised, concrete steps
returns in their individual measure
to the too-familiar place where movement ceases
the recent events become little, lost lambs
even the nuclear burn, full exposure of a mid-day sun
fails penetration at these fathomless depths

the end

the end

the end is not near
but other things have come to reside and linger here
there is transformation by ingestion
aggrandizement by deception. and smoke about a new revolution
around and amongst a generalized shortage and dearth
staring full-on into a setting sun, god, country, and hearth
slow down. the relationship between shadow and subject
open spaces and long-casting light, lest it fall with intent
or wherever it might, other voices, other rooms
shelter, food, soothing vapors and wild mushrooms
i’ve seen a few drawings and tattoos while stationed here
the sun won’t shine and won’t set for ever
take a slow drag, span the clouds expanse, breathe with curious intent
persist until tomorrow or so and see how it goes
rest, sleep, measure, go riding
before deciding