the one nearest

the one nearest


something is up with my cat

my cat sits in quiet ponder for afternoons at a time

eyes fixed on emptiness

furry brow furrowed

with vexed thoughts

and venemous entreaties


has sworn-off personal grooming

eating, sleeping, hunting, playing

suddenly responds to the name I call him by

so that he can then transparently deny

intentionally overshoots the edge of his litter box

while laughing

before welling up


sees his own mortality

sees his own impotent lack of control

sees the randomness of this alien world

and his accidental bookmark in it


decides it’s folly in going to the vet

would rather pay a visit to the chemical shed

wants me to unlock the gun cabinet

lays all night at the foot of the bed

drinking Remy and glaring


something occurring, I think

my cat [is having an existential crisis]

and, I know

I am his convenience

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