mirada fuerte

Mirada Fuerte
– george l stein

This verse is not about love
lost love, or love’s loss
neither requited nor unrequited love
love lies lost, love lies standing, or love lies bleeding
hallmark or gibson greetings love.
Ninety-nine cent, low-end love
The circular love exchanged between night and day,
juliet’s love for romeo,
or romeo’s love of poison and drama
maslow’s third floor condo of love and belonging
kiyoaki’s love of satoko, the unattainable
Nor his hatred of the available sotoko,
No, this verse is not at all about love
first love, last love, in the name of love
rough love, brotherly love, taboo love,
looking for love or learning to love
fire’s love and desire for gasoline,
or a flame’s lust for the peace, permanence and finality of water
At long last love or love is in the air
picasso and dora maar love,
or vampiric love for plasma, silver, and the cross
This verse is not about love, so
If you came to read an ode to love
You should leave now

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