turning the corners / dark world


Turning the corners / dark world


god says today I will make a mute

and tomorrow I will make a king

while planets spin and circle and trine

earthly dynasties and alliances fall in disgrace and ruin

then realign

the kings’ astronomer traces the oppositions and alignments

unconsciously touches the soft of his nape, in silence

watches as mars slows and pauses, then reverses

as if on queue, the whole world snarls

and goes gladly off to war in the provinces

the princess is taken from her hidden realm

smuggled surreptitiously under reckless plot

suffers fools and indignities. Sees beauty entangled with ugliness

feels the sting of peasantry and gravel for the first

on her soft and lovely virgin, white soles

she thirsts for water and hungers for color

is rewarded with random apportionments of debasement and irony

her soul pains to sing a song of honor and grace

something from somewhere other than this place

if she had only bothered to learn the words

somewhere opposite this sorrowful earth, bathed in so many greys,

mossy greens, hopelessness and darkness. a diametric to the sun

effortless, amidst a black sea of profanity and malice

china-white clouds bring sweet, spring rains, refract in buttery, golden hues

the ephemeral pleasures of the floating world, for which she will now forever be unfit

distilling meaning in the face of defeat

a princess longs but loses her lovely head

one must steel themselves for deceit

what is that expression so foreign

to men who work and live and toil

on the face of the dead and vanquished

one can discern the corners turn

peace, transcendence, and the hint of a smile


inspired by akira kurosawa’s ‘hidden fortress’




I am time, and I am light

I am a spark, and I am the ghost

circling a nucleus, the father and the son,

there is an inalieble elegance in the way it all works


I remember the trips we made on horseback in the foothills in the dark

and in the light. In radiance of full sun and in shadow of sun’s absence

Tarantulas and Agave. Scotch and Saltines.

Thoughtful men, thoughtful women, all

find comfort and purpose in work

arbeit macht frei


nature holds her secrets close

waiting for the assassin to steal

in a million years, what harm will come to pass

that couldn’t pass in a millionth of a second


a coyote calls, but goes unanswered

the sweat on her sweet neck glistens

in the light of a million vanquished stars

the weapon is poised but the will wavers


his deity councils; an action waits for you to accept

that I have already done everything for you

you are merely an instrument, you are nothing,

now do your piece


I am time and I am light

I am a spark and I am the ghost

descend, and the radiance of a thousand suns

slaughters the night


now I am become death,

the destroyer of worlds

reflecting absence




Reflecting Absence
Passing from anticipation to boredom to fascination
working from awkwardness and positioning accordingly
the art in reflecting absence, in going where you’ve never been
where no one has. suicide is generally good for sales
but everyone knows that’s not why she left
the technique works because we seek out the one flaw
in a sea of otherwise perfection. capturing life in frozen stillness
stand transfixed in the process until completed
A freak stops you and asks you a riddle
as you float like a spirit through this dream-nightmare
we lose sleep fretting about the horror
but the freak has already faced his
carries the airs of an aristocrat
madness and genius know, get just the same
no one else comprehends the language you speak
what will be left when everything is stripped away
what is absorbed when you aren’t looking. it is
what seeps through walls and pores and consciousness 
stare into the lens. It is Everything. I’ve seen so much
the only thing I really know is that I don’t know

a tribute to diane arbus

Barbie I

Barbie I

This is a re-edited photo from the parody nude Barbie calendar by Buenos Aires-based artists Breno Costa and Guilherme Souza and is protected expression under the US Bill of Rights

barbie II

barbie II

This is a re-edited photo from the parody nude Barbie calendar by Buenos Aires-based artists Breno Costa and Guilherme Souza and is protected expression under the US Bill of Rights