the end

the end

the end is not near
but other things have come to reside and linger here
there is transformation by ingestion
aggrandizement by deception. and smoke about a new revolution
around and amongst a generalized shortage and dearth
staring full-on into a setting sun, god, country, and hearth
slow down. the relationship between shadow and subject
open spaces and long-casting light, lest it fall with intent
or wherever it might, other voices, other rooms
shelter, food, soothing vapors and wild mushrooms
i’ve seen a few drawings and tattoos while stationed here
the sun won’t shine and won’t set for ever
take a slow drag, span the clouds expanse, breathe with curious intent
persist until tomorrow or so and see how it goes
rest, sleep, measure, go riding
before deciding

under heaven

Under Heaven
george l stein

walking in the woods, cautious steps over a gouge deep in the earth
cold river, silver flashing, quick and angry
unforgiving, sideways stepping down a steep hill
to fetch an empty pail, then tumbling head-long into a storm
the dream begins with water, ends in vapor
and pricks the conscious bubble

a turn to everything, there is a season
a time and purpose, it is written
a time for gathering stones together
to greet a sinner or launch a saint in disguise
a time for turning and sowing for an uncertain harvest
then in the fall, reaping the bitter seeds of doubt

this is the time to refrain from embracing
to tear down with a purposefulness and mindful recklessness
a reduction of flesh and hope to cinders and ashes
it is written that this time will turn, as all times have turned
but perhaps, with a mercy, this will be the last
season, time, and purpose under heaven, with a casual cowardice
to turn and run away