light casts shadow

Light casts shadow

If motion represents life
then for now, there is life
spinning in arcs and pirouettes
with both artistic and mathematical precision
Three rings and an encore
arise the question of origin
as the latter chapters are introduced
the first words, the first letter to grace the first page
the single drop of ink that foreshadows
the period that will conclude the final chapter
reason and rhyme are lost to time, obscure footnotes and credits
not even an aspiring academic will peruse
not while shows of such eccentric enthusiasm
are performed at all corners and in the empty spaces between
with no interruptions, no intermissions, such wonder
that the eyes forget to blink.
an intelligence of immeasurable magnitude and grace
could construct an opera of such scope and span
but an infinite number of Wagners sit at rapt attention
blindly striking keys and un-endingly repeating themes
where inspiration and perspiration cross into mesmerization
for wasting the dawn, no eternal reward will be given
sleep now,
clear your mind of every truth that you have born witness
while holding tightly to every thoughtful fear that you can find
and I’ll probably see you on the other side,
where I’ll be casting stones, patiently

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