butterfly dreams



butterfly dreams

for you and i, there will be a time

for there is a place for you and I

in full of sun and gentle wind

where, floating as clouds and spirits do

butterflies on a summer breeze

thoughts and dreams and playful ease

we transcend this skin and dance

only stars and insight and fireflies

colors appear and flutter in a moonless trance

shed past and present, disappear

all the crystal days we knew

when we were young and we were two

how you, a sight in shadow and in sun

of a chiaroscuro resplendency

finally, definitively weightless and free,

all we ever wanted and wished to do

through all the bricks and glass we found waiting

and all the holes and swamps we struggled through

all the pain and tears we met

somewhere just past this last intransigence

before the first of autumn breeze

was to transcend , fleeting

for there is such a place

and there was such a time

but summer and dreams do end

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