reflecting absence




Reflecting Absence
Passing from anticipation to boredom to fascination
working from awkwardness and positioning accordingly
the art in reflecting absence, in going where you’ve never been
where no one has. suicide is generally good for sales
but everyone knows that’s not why she left
the technique works because we seek out the one flaw
in a sea of otherwise perfection. capturing life in frozen stillness
stand transfixed in the process until completed
A freak stops you and asks you a riddle
as you float like a spirit through this dream-nightmare
we lose sleep fretting about the horror
but the freak has already faced his
carries the airs of an aristocrat
madness and genius know, get just the same
no one else comprehends the language you speak
what will be left when everything is stripped away
what is absorbed when you aren’t looking. it is
what seeps through walls and pores and consciousness 
stare into the lens. It is Everything. I’ve seen so much
the only thing I really know is that I don’t know

a tribute to diane arbus

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